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In today's posts I will be talking about volcanoes, giving you some really interesting information and facts about them.

First, what is a volcano?

  • A volcano is a mountain with a hole in the top that sometimes sends out materials such as rocks, lava, ash, etc. in a sudden explosion.
Volcano in eruption
A volcano is active if it is erupting lava, and a volcano is "slept" if it hasn't erupted for a very long period of time. But a volcano never dies, in other words, it can erupt in every moment, so this is one reason why houses shouldn't be set up near them

How are volcanoes formed?

  • Volcanoes are formed when magma from the inside the Earth goes up to the surface, creating a mountain and breaking it up in the eruption

Where and why are most volcanoes located?
  • Most volcanoes are located close to plate tectonics, which are zones in the Earth's surface with a high tendency to have earthquakes, tsunamis,... 
  • The countries with more volcanoes are USA, Russia, Japan, Chile and Mexico.
Famous eruptions:
  • Mount Vesuvius (Pompeii): This famous eruption took place in Pompeii, Italy, in A.D 79. This eruption took by surprise to the inhabitants of the area, who were covered by ash. This is why the were converted into ash statues, which are still conserved today.
  • Krakatoa (Indonesia): This eruption took place in an island in Indonesia, in 1883. The sound of the eruption was heard in really far away places like Africa. There were more than 36.000 deaths. Krakatoa, the island, was swallowed by the ocean.

So this was today's second post, I hope you enjoyed it, more posts coming tomorrow!
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