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The McDonald´s secret

The McDonald´s secret

Hey guys, today i´m going to talk to you about McDonald's and why it is so popular.
We all know McDonald´s, it's one of the most famous companies in the world. McDonald´s have more than 1.700.000 workers around all the world and they have more than 36.000 restaurants in 109 countries. The first restaurant was opened in 1940 and produce more than$ annually, but why McDonald´s? Why not Burger King or KFC?
During his history, McDonald´s was not as famous as nowadays, but, they knew how to increase benefits.
In the beginning, McDonald´s had good benefits but not excelente, in 1940, it was bad seen that someone ate in excess and, though they were purifying the last crumbs of the hamburgers
and the last drops of the refreshments, they didn't ask for more. When they realised that, they knew what to do. They added to the menu hamburgers XL, XXL, and in some restaurants XXXL.

Resultado de imagen de menu xxxl del macdonalds
They added too complements like chicken wings or nuggets, making you eat more without feeling bad, and the benefits of McDonald´s increased.
That is not the only way that they have obtained their reputation, McDonald´s have a great advertising  campaign behind his great success: The playgrounds, the colours red and yellow, the almost missed Ronald McDonald´s and the new toys in the Happy Meal make that thousand of children wants to go to McDonald´s and, they will be accompanied by their parents what means more benefits,
Resultado de imagen de ronald mcdonald
But there is something more than a good marketing strategy, and the reason why we all love McDonald´s food is because they put Monosodium glutamate in all their products. Monosodium glutamate is a substance that creates addiction like a drug but it is completely legal, actually, we can found Monosodium glutamate in fruits and vegetables too. That is why many people say that funk food is a drug, because practically, it is.
So the benefits of McDonald's were achieved thanks to a very good advertising campaign, a good product, a good service, a great idea and some help given by Monosodium glutamate.

See you in my next post.

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