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George Best

Hey guys, in today's sport post I'll be writing about George Best's live.
First, who was George Best?
George was a really famous soccer player from Northern Ireland.
He was born in Belfast in 1946. During his childhood, he played for his local soccer team, the Cregagh Rangers Biys.
He started to skip his classes when he was 11 in order to play soccer. He also had very serious problems with alcohol in his teen years.
Many teams rejected him beacause of his low height. But a scout from Manchester United watched him playing in Belfast and he said he had found a genious.
So he went to Manchester only 15 years old, in 1961.
He played his first Premier League game in 1963, with 17 years.
In 1966, he was considered a soccer star, with only 19 years.
He had a serious knee injury which left him 1 year out of the football pitchs.
In 1968, Manchester United won its first Champions League, with Best leading the team.
Best won his first and last Golden Ball in 1968. But it was at this moment when this star started to fall.
Hist last match with Manchester United was in 1974. After his departure, Manchester United went to the Second League.
After this, he went to many soccer teams, but in all of them he was critized for his bad behaviour.
He retired from football in 1982, aged 36.
Resultado de imagen de George BestHe died in 2005, due to his alcohol problems.  A lot of people went to his funeral, wanting to say goodbye to one of the greatest players of all times.
So this was today's post, I hope you enjoyed it, if so leave a comment, and stay connected for more posts tomorrow.
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