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Hey guys, in today's post I will be giving you 10 curiosities or surprising facts about a very special country, North Korea.

As you all probably know, North Korea is presided by Kim Jong-Un, a dictator who has left North Korean apart from the rest of the world.
So here are the 10 curiosities:

  • It's funny the fact that the full country's name is Democratic People's Republic of Korea, because there is only one possible president to vote for, Kim Jong-Un. 
  • They use a different and unique calendar, which started from the founder's birthday. For example, now they are in the year 106.
  • They have their very own time zone. Kim Jong-Un decided to change 30 minutes on the time so that they don't have the same time than Japan.
  • They built an empty city next to the frontier with South Korea so that they could attract them. It's a ghost city, nobody lives there. Lights are switched on and off automatically and streets are cleaned so that it looks like a normal city.
  • If someone commits a crime, the 3 next generations will also be punished. What does this mean? In other words, the criminal's sons and grandsons will be punished for their familiar crime. This is because Kim thinks they are also guilty. Weird, right?
  • Weed is legal, which is really strange considering the fact that there are lots of restrictions in this country. Kim Jong-Un even recommends it, as he said it is healthier than tobacco.
  • Internet is only for govern members and workers, and most of social media networks and international webs are censured in North Korea.
  • There are almost no lights at night, as there is no enough energy for this.
  • People can only wear 15 different styles of haircuts, and Kim Jong-Un's peculiar one is not available.
  • North Korea has only 3 TV channels, which again shows how limited is North Korea.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if so leave a comment and stay connected for the next post.

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